Posted by Danny Griffin on October - 6 - 2012

  by Danny Griffin Your Automatic ATM So what if there was such a thing in the real estate agent business as an automatic ATM machine? How great would that be? Automated Marketing. Automated Lead Generation. Automated Lead Capture. Automated Lead Conversion. Automated Sales. Automated Success. Okay, so we’ll have to admit that somebody has to actually go out and list and sell the houses, but so much of it

Posted by Danny Griffin on September - 22 - 2012

  by Danny Griffin HGTV Knocking Wow! For the last two weeks we’ve had a production company in our house filming an episode for a new show on HGTV due out next year. While it was fun, it was also hard work and I’m sure you can image the chaos with 5 kids and no refrigerator for 2 weeks! Ultimately, we had a great experience! So I’m sure the first

Posted by Danny Griffin on September - 10 - 2012

  by Danny Griffin Off With his Hoodie It seems these days that you can’t go online and not see some story about how Mark Zuckerberg should step down from the helm of Facebook. How dare he go to a meeting with all these bankers and Wall Street wizards wearing his hoodie. So first I’ll come to his defense by asking, is it really important what the guy wears to

Posted by Danny Griffin on September - 2 - 2012

  by Danny Griffin Timid salespeople have skinny kids. -Zig Ziglar HGTV or Reality Ask for the deal or you’ll starve, right? After all we are salespeople and our “job” is to sell something. It’s actually frightening that this even needs to be discussed, but it’s where we must begin. The fact is that many people get into real estate sales because they have dreams of helping somebody with the

Posted by Danny Griffin on August - 24 - 2012

  by Danny Griffin Dangerous Comfort One of the most dangerous places to be while in business is comfortable. You might even be telling yourself that you’re not in that spot. You’re all over it. Marketing, selling, measuring and profiting. You’re even reading all the time to learn the latest and didn’t you just last week implement that brand new strategy that the best and brightest in the industry are

Posted by Danny Griffin on August - 13 - 2012

by Danny Griffin That Place Was a Rip Off Have you ever walked into a restaurant and begun to witness all the things that go wrong. You swear that if you owned the place, things would change. You’d change everything. As you sit there with the intent to relax and eat, you can’t help but notice all the details. If it’s a particularly miserable experience, you make an oath never

Posted by Danny Griffin on August - 6 - 2012

by Danny Griffin Internet Marketing with Burchard & Pagan The other day I was driving in my mobile university listening to the mp3 of an interview that Brendon Burchard was doing with Eben Pagan. If you don’t know these guys, you should if you do any type of online marketing. Both guys are very successful when it comes to selling online in many different niches; and close to home, Pagan

Posted by Danny Griffin on July - 27 - 2012

by Danny Griffin In this real estate agent coaching tip, we’re going to discuss how to make the most of your marketing plan and avoid the trap of instant gratification. Step 1: Planning Cure Step one of establishing a more successful real estate business, as previously discussed, is to establish a written strategic marketing plan. Now even though the thought of business planning conjures up images of being locked in

Posted by Danny Griffin on July - 20 - 2012

by Danny Griffin Mysterious Shopper Have you ever really mystery shopped your own business. Maybe you think it’s impossible if you work primarily by yourself. Or worse, you don’t really want to know because you suspect that this exercise will only show you how far off base you are. How about the other extreme; those real estate agents that are doing well and are at the “top” of the game…try

Posted by Danny Griffin on July - 13 - 2012

  Everybody Has An Opinion Last week I talked about how mind mapping had begun to help me make major advances in my brand and business. After years of struggling to overcome my business A.D.D., I learned how to fix it. For me, like many of you fellow practicing real estate agents, we have to continue to make it rain leads. Sounds like an easy task, but the problem begins